Honest Forex Signals

Honest Forex Signals is a Foreign currency trading signals service which is owned by Allegiance American Enterprises, LLC is surely an American-based signals provider and webinar service that sends out trades from your live trader named Robbie Newton.

The service is a registered member of the Better Business Bureau in america, an agency that mediates disputes between customers and businesses. Registration using the BBB is considered to be the sign that company that’s transparent with its policies and that it strives to keep the customer happy. The BBB is employed extensively by businesses in all forms of commerce in the US, though we’ve seldom encountered a Forex signal service registered by the BBB, and now we found this confirmation to be quite comforting, thinking about the high percentage of Forex scams on the internet.

Forex Signal Delivery Options

Honest Forex Signals offers both an automated trade copier and email alerts. We tested the service over fourteen days in December 2011, determined the results being remarkably impressive. In reality, the effectiveness was quite remarkable since it was over 90%, however – the trades themselves broke one of the most common trading rules: the stop losses are bigger than the gains.

We made a decision to use the email alerts in our Honest Forex Signals review. Another thing we noticed would be that the stop loss and take earnings are not always in the emails, though our telephone the company confirmed why these metrics are always the same (40 pips take profit and 80 pops stop-loss), so an explorer should be able to implement the trades properly even without information. As soon as the trades were closed, the amount were always within the “closing” email. Could that all with the take profit which will help prevent loss levels are included, without fail, in the trade copier software. All trades were provided during either in the European or American trading session.


By 50 percent full weeks of monitoring in this Honest Forex Signals review, all trades were based on the GBP/USD pair, and each had a stop-loss of 80 pips compared to a take profit degree of 40 pips. Even though this type of trading can assure a substantial success rate, you have to keep in mind that each loss would eliminate 2 winning trades. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no denying that Honest Forex Signals is definitely an impressively successful signal service whose gains up to now have far outnumbered their losses. As one example, the service turned about 700 pips profit in November and December 2011 alone. These remarkable results make Honest Forex Signals a solid option for traders searching for a reliable signal service.


Overall, there is lots of promise inside the signals which are sent out by Honest Forex Signals. The trader posseses an obvious skill in relation to trading, plus a keen idea of the way the markets function. The signals came out rapidly and were verifiable, an issue that isn’t always the case with Forex trading signals. The outcomes were very exciting as the gains were almost non-stop. However, when you are planning to use a reverse phone lookup, you should use the automated trade copier that simply attaches to your MetaTrader 4 terminal. The cost for this services are $177 a month, and consequently, you will obviously need to have a large enough account to create trading with this particular service worthwhile.

Honest Forex Signals official website: http://www.honestforexsignals.com

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